Troy B.
I have been here a few times and always seemed to impressed with this place. Not only with the simplified menu, but the excellent customer service as well. Whenever I order the food rarely takes too long, but I am willing to wait. I mean I like how it seems their is a mixture of soul food, and central American style cuisine. So far I have had the alamnbra and recently the fish tostadas, might look small but really fills you up. Now this place is a rare gem, that would be worth yet another visit. Maybe for some ribs.
Ralph M.
Tried another gem today located in the Rosedale mall at potluck. Chef Adam Randall has something special here, slingin a mix of comforting soul food and Mexican street food passed down from family or shared by good friends. Everything on the menu looks fantastic and I'll for sure be back to try some smoked wings and jerk chicken. Here's what I got: Taco Meal Deal ~ Cast (in order of appearance) Chorizo taco with Mexican sausage, pico de gallo, cilantro, and fresh pineapple. Pork al Pastor taco with thin sliced and spiced pork shoulder, pico de gallo, cilantro, and fresh pineapple. Carne Asada taco with marinated thin sliced steak, pico de gallo, and cilantro. **these were all dynamite, but my favorite was the chorizo. The spice was super delicious when cut with the pineapple. These come with a side of refried beans and choice of salsa -- I went with the medium which is a morita with a nice smoky flavor.**
Tom T.
If you are looking for eclectic comfort food look no further. They have a wide variety of goodies that will warm your belly on a cold winters night. They are located inside potluck at the mall, but they do have great curbside delivery. The delivery was flawless. I always like to write these takeout reviews with an extra grain of salt for y'all. It's tough to have the food remain at a quality level when it's traveling a distance. I would say the quality of the food was really good. The chicken wings were great but could of used more sauce and a side of bleu cheese. The tacos were average, but the side of beans was weirdly expentional. Didn't expect much from the beans and they were good.
Hnou V.
Got some perfectly cooked tacos, beans, and smoked wings from here. The tacos were delicious. I loved the texture of the corn tortillas and the meat was flavorful. Just the right amount of grease. I got the dry rub wings. My mouth was watering from the smokey smell my whole drive home. They didn't disappoint. I can't wait to come back and try more!
D L.
Sooooo, okay here goes! I have been meaning to write this review for about a week now. Came upon this place accidentally while walking through the mall. Sooooo happy that I did. Adam is thee man! Found this place about a month ago and have already been back maybe 4 times. Actually about to order right now... I've had the ribs several times and they are real ribs! I don't know how he makes them, but they taste fresh off the grill every single time. The chicken is good as well. I had them with the mango habanero sauce, and that stuff is hot hot. But the sweetness from the mango really balances it out. The beans and rice are amazing, as well as the fries and johnny cakes. I've had both the white beans and red beans and they're both equally good. The greens were nice and flavorful, but I didn't like that I ended up chewing a whole bay leaf that was in them. I have not had the tacos, but maybe I will try them today. So happy they've put this place in the mall. I have to force myself to stay away. So happy he's on Yelp, so now hopefully everyone will find out about Adams. Really good food and amazing customer service... 5 stars!
Trina V.
I was pleasantly surprised with this meal deal- the refried beans with cheese were delicious and you received a heaping amount in a container. I also ordered the Pork al pastor, chorizo, and carne asada tacos and each were very delicious and flavorful. The spicy salsa actually had a spicy kick, which is rare for food court establishments (but then again, Potluck is not your usual mall food court). The chorizo had pineapple on it, which was strange because i thought pineapple typically went with al pastor, but regardless it was delicious and I would definitely stop by if I happen to be back in Rosedale and become hungry.
Julie T.
This is prob one of the best Mexican tacos that I had in the Roseville area. I really liked the three tacos of my choice that came with our order - beef, pork and chorizo. The meat portion was generous for each taco, they were perfectly seasoned and the ingredients were fresh. Such incredible and tasty tacos. The corn tortillas were authentic and it just reminded me of the tacos we had in Mexico. The beans that came with the order was delicious. Perfectly seasoned and well cooked, and that little touch of melty cheese at the top just made it even better. The habanero vinegar sauce was fiery, but it was just the way I like it because it made for an authentic Mexican food experience. Be very generous with it because it is very spicy. Don't say I didn't caution you. I would not have thought of going to Potluck for authentic Mexican tacos, but I am so glad to know that it's there now. I want to go back already. So so good Adam! It soothes my soul! Kudos!!